Hidden Flower Tiny Farm Vacation Rentals

Budget-friendly getaways where sustainability and
the environment is always put first. 

As an Asheville native and service industry worker I have loved bringing all my knowledge of the area to creating a fun adventure vacation for guests. Life homesteading on the five acres of Hidden Flower Tiny Farm is a lot of work but brings great joy especially when we get to share it with others. This space is for exploring, imagining, daydreaming, and creating a bit of bliss all the while being eco-conscience. 

We are proud and excited to offer our space for mountain elopements, micro weddings, and many other fully customizable events. We love doing luxury picnics! 

We have spent years building these unique rentals to share with travelers. We put a lot of time and energy into making them comfortable and relaxing getaways while staying as environmentally conscious as we can. We hope to over time become completely off-grid and educate others on sustainable living. These unique airbnbs are a great adventure for any eco-tourist.  

We strive to be a space that is safe and friendly for all! We love our LGBTQ and POC communities. Everyone is always welcome here. 

As longtime service industry workers, we love the hospitality industry and helping create a great time. Contact us today to find out more info on staying at the tiny farm.